The H1b visa (Also known as H1b签证) is the most important type of work visa in the United States. It is a non-immigrant visa for employees with foreign professional skills who are employed by US companies. Holders of H1B visas can work in the United States for three years, and then can be extended for another three years. If the identity of the visa holder has not changed after the expiration of the six-year period, they must leave the United States. This article will introduce h1b visa materials (Also known as h1b签证材料) in detail, so that you can easily understand all relevant matters at one stop, so you don’t have to ask immigration lawyers (Also known as 移民律师). You will be able to apply h1b 2019 successfully if you come back from your domestic country.

H1b visa material preparation:
Essential materials
1) Passport must be more than 6 months from the expiration date, and there must be at least 2 blanks on the passport.
2) DS 160 (that is, the form for applying for a visa, there must be bar-code on the above)
3) Original I-797 (ie H1B)
4) Confirmation letter for the success of the appointment visa (this is the confirmation letter given to you after the visa is reserved, there is a number, there is time and place)
5) The employer’s letter (that is, a finger from the company, which says that XXX is an employee of our company, highly educated and highly skilled, and has HR signature)

Additional materials
1) I-129 copy (it is the form that the company fills in when you apply for H1B. It is said that the original is in USCIS, we get a copy of the hand, ready to copy, but I think it may be redundant, since I-797 Yes, I-129, I-797, where I-129 is not there.)
2) One photo of the visa (the one in the square)
3) Proof of payment for visa fee (payment confirmation letter from CITIC Bank)
4) Travel schedule (I don’t understand what to do specifically, I plan to show the date of the flight back and forth)
5) Payroll (print a few recent PAY CHECK)
6) Bank certificate (just call some bank statement)
7) Resume (It is said that you can bring a new resume to explain the current work situation)
8) Tax bill (W2, to prove that you are a taxpayer in the United States of America)
9) SSN (with a sly, prove that you are not afraid to check)
10) Driver’s license (ID card, address proof, etc.)
11) EAD Card (proving that you are from OPT, the identity is completely legal)
12) OFFER (offer usually has a salary description to prove that you can support yourself)
13) Information that the company fills in when applying for H1B (When the company declares H1B, it will fill a lot of things in a mess, all with flaws, including your background check and what)
14) All I-20, from now on to the last I-20 of OPT
15) Transcript
16) Diploma